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Our Medical Services

Internal Medicine

This unit has four consultants (two public health physicians, one cardiologist and one nephrologist) and three medical officers. It runs a 24-hr service.


This unit has two consultants and one Medical officer. It has a neonatology unit with about 5 incubators and a phototherapy unit.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

This is one of the most vibrant units in the hospital. It has 2 consultants and a medical officer. The hospital records about a hundred deliveries each month, and very many O&G surgeries.


This unit has one consultant, with a medical officer helping. This unit undertakes endoscopic surgery. There are two surgical wards Male and Female surgical wards, each containing about 25 beds.


This unit has two consultants (though one is unavailable now) with a medical officer helping. The patients are admitted in the surgical wards.


The hospital has a central pharmacy that controls all the drug activity of the hospital. This pharmacy is controlled by three pharmacists the superintendent pharmacist with a masters degree and two other certified pharmacists.


This unit has one ophthalmologists, one optometrist and one optician. The unit takes ophthalmic surgeries.

Accident and Emergency

This 24-hour unit receives all hospital emergency cases for stabilization before transferring to the appropriate unit for further management, if need be.


This unit has a dentist and dental therapist a visiting maxilloficial surgeon. The dental clinic runs daily.


This unit has a physiotherapist who takes care of the hospital patients, both in-patients and out-patients. The hospital has some modern machines to facilitate services in this unit.

Anti-Retroviral Therapy

In conjunction with Family Health International (FHI) and Global HIV/AIDS Initiative Nigeria (GHAIN), our hospital is a comprehensive care centre for HIV Patients.


With about 10 Scientists and many technicians and assistants, our hospital runs a full-scale enhanced laboratory haematology, microbiology, chemistry, parasitology

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Our Events

Seminars, Clinical Conference & Outreach

Most Rev. Valerian M. Okeke

Most Rev. Valerian M. Okeke

The Proprietor, The Archbishop of Onitsha and the Metropolitan of Onitsha Ecclesiastical Province.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Izunna Okonkwo Ph. D.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Izunna Okonkwo Ph. D.

Chief Executive Officer